9 Foods That May Relieve Fall Allergies

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I really feel for my husband at the start of every fall. Ever since we moved to the midwest, he has almost crippling fall allergies due to the ragweed. The many years we lived in New York? Nada. I know that time of year is upon us, which has led me to seek out ways to help in preparation for what’s coming:

This article from Organic Gardening jumped out at me, as it lists 9 seasonal foods claimed to help fall ragweed allergy sufferers. 

Read it: 9 Fall Foods to Fight Your Fall Allergies at Organic Gardening

There are foods listed here that we eat anyway, but now you can bet I’ll be particularly careful to stock up on them at this weekend’s farmer’s market. Included on the list are broccoli with its high vitamin C, kale with an allergy-fighting form of vitamin A, and garlic and onions containing the natural antihistamine quercetin.

Check out all the foods and get the full shopping list, plus a recipe for an anti-allergy soup, at Organic Gardening.

Have you found any natural remedies for seasonal allergies? 

(Image: Faith Durand)