Zoku Quick Pop Maker

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Zoku Quick Pop Maker

• $49.95

Emma wrote a full review of this genius contraption last year, but I felt it was worth another call-out because of the way it saved me this past weekend when it was close to 100°F even by the sea where I chilled with three kids under the age of five. You do the math.

We don't do much sugar with our daughter, so this ultra fast — seven minutes and you're done — popsicle maker is the perfect treat machine...

...I can dump some juice, yogurt, or milk-based drink into the Zoku and bring happiness to young children. What else do you want in life, anyway. (No kids? The boozy, spicy, deeply chocolate-y popsicles everyone's into right now come out great too.)

The Zoku makes three popsicles at a time. It's kept in the freezer, made mostly of metal but with a plastic housing, which I don't love, but am willing to tolerate in the name of domestic peace.

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