Yummy Yoga: Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters Now Available

Last year a reader asked us to help her find yoga pose cookie cutters, like the ones used at Baked Ideas in New York. Well, Baked Ideas just released their own line of yoga cookie cutters for sale! Read on to see all the cookie cutters (and positions!).

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Patti Paige's New York City bakery, Baked Ideas, has a rather famous and popular line of gingerbread men in various yoga poses. Our reader wanted to recreate them at home, and apparently many other people did too, because Patti is offering the cookie cutters in her online store.

There are two sets of cookie cutters. One set is called the Lotus Group and the other set is the Down Dog Group. Each set has five cutters, and includes a recipe.

Find them: Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters $32.50 for each set of 5 cutters at Baked Ideas.

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(Images: Baked Ideas)

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