You Wash, Martha Stewart Will Dry

Attention Kmart Shoppers! While much of Martha Stewart's Everyday product line at Kmart has either been disappointing or out-of-stock this year . . .

. . . things seem to be on the upswing for Martha's Everyday line -- at least at the 34th Street Kmart here in New York City. This store is just to the west of the landmark Macy's Herald Square, where Martha will launch a luxe new line in 2007.

While it looked like Martha's Kmart line was headed for a blue-light closeout sale, maybe not. Check out the fresh, fully stocked wall of Martha dishtowels or browse them online. Available in many different fabrics and patterns, each package is $5.99 - $9.99.

As Martha would tell us, "Some tea towels are too lovely to be hidden away in kitchen drawers." These could be a fun way to wrap a gift, make pillows, or yes, dry dishes.

P.S. Have you heard what Martha Stewart talked about on Howard Stern's show?