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The Goal: $10,000 by December 15th For What: Public school classrooms around the country

What You Raised: $11,858

Now What? Thanks to everyone who donated through Apartment Therapy's DonorsChoose.org page to help fund public school classrooms around the country. Our goal was to raise $10,000, but you all blew us away and we ended up raising almost 12,000. So, just like we promised, the Apartment Therapy full-time staff is going to put together a little dance video for you. We're getting our moves on right now, so look for the celebratory video on TUESDAY. See you then!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Help Us Give Back!

This year, Apartment Therapy is celebrating the spirit of giving by partnering with DonorsChoose.org for our 2010 Holiday Giveaway. Just as we're giving away something to you, you can give something back by helping us fund classroom projects around the country. Our goal is $10,000 by December 15th. You don't have to donate to DonorsChoose.org to be eligible to win one of our giveaway prizes; we just think it's a cool thing to do. Need extra incentive? We'll be tracking our fundraising progress every Friday in a special DonorsChoose.org post, where we'll also reveal what things the Apartment Therapy Staff is willing to do if we make our goal!
Special Update: HP has agreed to match all donations given through Apartment Therapy's donation page!