Yonanas: Insane Gadget for One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Remember one-ingredient banana ice cream? The surprise hit of the century here at The Kitchn? This treat is one of our all-time most popular posts, probably because of its crazy, semi-magical nature and simple preparation. (Freeze bananas. Blend until they resemble soft serve ice cream. Eat. Repeat.) So I was flabbergasted to see this new as-seen-on-TV gadget that proposes to do this magic work of transforming frozen bananas into ice cream. One-ingredient banana ice cream has officially hit the big time — or jumped the shark.

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When my friend Kristin told me about this gadget, which she had seen in SkyMall (seriously, isn't SkyMall the most entertaining thing you can read on a long plane flight?) I almost couldn't believe it. A gadget just to make banana ice cream?

Indeed folks, this may be the unitasker to end all unitaskers. It has just one purpose: to make banana ice cream. OK, the marketing materials say you can use other fruits as well, but banana is really the only one that will give you such a creamy, ice cream-like texture.

Given that you can easily make banana ice cream and other fruit purees in a food processor, chopper, or blender, I have no idea what additional purpose this gadget serves, and it is such a blatantly extraneous piece of kitchen equipment, I find the entire idea weirdly fascinating.

Have you seen this thing or tried it out?

Find it: Yonanas Banana Ice Cream Maker, $49.95 (an $150 value, mind you) at Yonanas' official site

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(Images: Yonanas)