Yes, This Is the Best Way to Eat Popcorn at Your Desk

Tips from The Kitchn

Get ready to impress your co-workers! This genius method for eating popcorn doesn't require a bowl and — depending on your dexterity — is even hands-free. And there is a good chance you have all the equipment you need in your gym bag. What's the secret?

A hooded sweatshirt! I spotted this tip on Twitter and had to give it a try — and was surprised by how well it works. All you have to do is put on the sweatshirt backwards, so the hood forms a pocket located conveniently close to your mouth. Skip the bowl, pour the popcorn directly into the hood, and munch away.

Another bonus: no bowls or bags taking up limited desk space. And you can keep your keyboard grease-free by either eating the popcorn directly from the hood, kind of like a horse, or push up on the bottom of the hood with one hand to jam the popcorn into your mouth without straining your neck.

Either way, this clean and convenient method is sure to get your co-workers talking!

Do you have any tips for eating popcorn at your desk?

Wait, you didn't really think we were serious, did you? From our kitchen to your kitchen... APRIL FOOLS! Did we get you?

(Image credits: Anjali Prasertong)