Yes, They Do Exist: Cereal Marshmallows in Bulk

Yes, They Do Exist: Cereal Marshmallows in Bulk

In case you were starting to worry the Internet held no more surprises, we present Cereal Marshmallows, the website that sells — you guessed it — cereal marshmallows in bulk. Finally, a way to live out our childhood fantasies of eating bowls of all-marshmallow Lucky Charms!

CHOW was so intrigued by the site, they had to call up the company's owner, Nathan Wratislaw, with a few questions. Wratislaw says the business was born out of the frustration that comes when you reach the bottom of the cereal box and all the marshmallows are gone. He tells the story of one customer who sent a shipment to his brother with a note: "Here's all the marshmallows I owe you."

Though our years of eating Lucky Charms are over, we can see using these for a fun and very sugary dessert, wherever you might use mini marshmallows. But mostly, giant bags of cereal marshmallows just make us smile.

Check it out: Cereal Marshmallows
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What would you do with a big bag of cereal marshmallows?

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