Word of Mouth: Vacherin

Vacherin [vash RAN] n. Dessert of several meringue rings stacked and sandwiched with ice cream, fruit, or pastry cream.

Vacherin, a classic French dessert, is not to be confused with vacherin the cheese (VASH ran) - a rich and creamy variety made from cow's milk. (We've talked about Vacherin Fribourgeois and Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, so we're big fans of the cheese too.)

The cheese and the dessert varieties of vacherin are equally delicious, but the meringue vacherin is a baked dessert that is especially good in the winter. Here are some ways we like to serve it...

Cold, dry weather is perfect for meringues, as opposed to the hot and humid instability of summer. If you're a novice meringue baker you'll have better luck in the winter. Try our Meringue Bites recipe - just pipe out the batter in discs.

In the winter, this dessert works well with stewed dried fruit and warm, silky pastry cream.

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