Word of Mouth: Torrija

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Torrija [tore EE ha] n. Spanish dessert made of bread or cake dipped in cinnamon milk and fried.

When we saw this lovely breakfast photo on BocaDorada last week we just had to find out what "torrijas" were. Since our Spanish fluency is, um, rusty at best, we searched through some other sites for a recipe.

While there is some variety in the recipes, all include day-old bread or cake dipped in a sweet liquid and fried. The most common version involved boiling milk with sugar, cinnamon, and lemon peel, then dipping the bread in this, dipping again in egg, and frying. Sometimes they are soaked in syrup afterwards.

One message board commenter says:

The traditional recipe requires a special kind of bread only available in Spain, wich is very compact, and also to add syrup ("caramelo", which is made with sugar, lemon and water) at the end, but anyway they will taste incredible and quite spanish.

Sounds delicious to us, and a definite improvement on our standard French toast recipe...

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