Word of Mouth: Moreish

Moreish adj. Addictive or nearly addictive; most often used to describe food or drink so good that you want more (primarily British and Australian in usage).

We are big fans of Agatha Christie; her books are unfailingly entertaining and satisfying, the perfect bedtime reading. She also wrote under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and in one novel published under that name she makes a little joke around this classic British word...

Moreish, of food, drink (and sometimes drugs) so good you want some more. There isn't another word quite so perfect for what it describes. Here's Christie/Westmacott with one of her characters in Unfinished Portrait:

Coffee was the only thing for which Grannie admitted a partiality. "Very Moorish, this coffee," she would say, wrinkling up her eyelids in enjoyment. "Very moreish," and would laugh at her little joke as she helped herself to another cup.

Do you ever use this word, and if so, what do you use it to refer to?

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