Word of Mouth: Ballotine

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Ballotine [bal o teen] Fr. n. Meat, poultry or fish boned, stuffed, and rolled then braised and sliced.

Chicken, duck, or fish ballotine is a beautiful way to serve a dish, and it can also be a frugal and healthy way to stretch meat a little further. A classic ballotine involves pounding the meat until it is quite thin, then wrapping it around a filling that can be made of vegetables, like this light recipe with leeks, or a richer preparation of foie gras or traditional bread stuffing. Then it is braised and sliced for an elegant presentation.

Most discussions of ballotine that we've read point out that it is not to be confused with galantine, which is very similar but is poached instead of braised or roasted, and usually served cold.

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