Plates might not get a lot of consideration when you're planning a party (other than whether you're going to go disposable or not), but here's something to consider: for my recent porch party, I used white plates that had a bit of a lip, or curved edge, and thus discovered a nice benefit of this design:.

Shown above: Kahla 5 Senses White 10.6" Dinner Plates from AllModern
(Image credit: Kristin Teig)

It's pretty simple, really: plates with a defined lip or curved edge help keep food from rolling off the plate. (I know, duh.) But while this may not be a big deal if you're eating around a table, it definitely comes in handy if your guests are walking around the party with their plate, or trying to eat several small nibbles with a plate balanced on their lap. That rim may be all that stands between your guest and an errant appetizer falling to the floor!

Of course, these are not party-only plates. I love a curved or raised edge for everyday dining, too. Here are 5 solid choices: