Why I Cook a Big Mess of Greens on Monday Morning

Kitch Diary: Anne in South Carolina

I'm a grown-up. Usually, I don't have trouble eating my veggies, including the necessary dark, leafy greens. I actually love them. It took me a while, but I do. I like them so much, I eat them for breakfast almost every day, even in restaurants, if at all possible. I make a mess of greens on Monday morning to make it easy to get a jump start on my veggie intake all week long.

Mmmm...chard quesadilla for breakfast.

The greens — kale, collards, chard, or whatever else is in the market — are prepared with care. They're cooked lightly, sautéed in a little olive oil, but not too much, since I'll likely cook them again with each breakfast. And I have been known to document those breakfasts, on Instagram, of course!

I'm not a morning person, and a little preparation makes it all better. I load the moka pot the night before, and have a snack before bed so I don't wake up ravenously hungry. I've even been known to par-cook bacon ahead of time, cooking it enough to satisfy those who like floppy bacon, and re-heating a slice or two to satisfy my own crunchy craving. All I have to do is roll out of bed, stumble into the kitchen, throw a banana at any of the kids who are already awake, and head to the stove.

Speaking of the kids, I occasionally manage to throw some greens into their omelets or breakfast sandwiches, too. Though I think it's a huge mistake to be proud of anything I do as a parent (because then I also have to accept responsibility when one of my kids, you know, turns over a convenience store), I have given myself a pat on the back or two about getting them to like greens. For many people, dark, leafy greens are the toughest to love. Like Scotch whiskey, they're for grown-ups, unless (unlike scotch) they've been on a child's plate from a young age. And most kids don't complain about a few leaves of chard wrapped up in a breakfast burrito, because...breakfast burritos!

Breakfast of champions @LizardsThicket.

I'll even try to order greens for breakfast in restaurants, particularly important on a restaurant-heavy vacation. Most dishes in restaurants, unless they're actually vegetarian friendly, don't offer the sheer quantity of veggies we eat at home. Starting the day with collards can help. No collards? Bring me a pile of raw salad spinach, which I will wilt by mixing it with two over-easy eggs and some sausage.

Do you eat your vegetables for breakfast? And what do you do to make mornings easier?

(Image credits: Dana Velden; Anne Wolfe Postic)