Why Everyone Should Make a Snackadium for the Super Bowl

There are wings to be eaten, chips to be dipped, and nachos to be devoured this Sunday during the Super Bowl. But before you finalize your menu, take a second and consider the not-so-humble Snackadium (snack + stadium) that most definitely deserves a spot in your festivities.

You see, there aren't a lot of events in life that encourage you to make giant structures out of chips, dips, sandwiches, and vegetables. This is your opportunity to make a touchdown, of sorts, in culinary prowess.

Here's how to celebrate your personality with a customizable Snackadium:

Snackadiums don't need to be giant, you know. You can make a mini one that everyone will love.

Football Snackadium at Christine's Kitchen Chronicles

Or, if you're feeling up to it, you can make a giant Snackadium complete with a parking lot + cars.

If you're watching what you eat, you can even make a Snackadium out of healthy ingredients.

Green Bay Packer Snackadium at The Sweets Life

If you're more of a sweets person, Snackadiums are the perfect venue to express yourself.

Super Bowl Sundaes at Katrina's Kitchen

What kind of Snackadium will you make for the Super Bowl?

(Image credits: Imgur via reddit; Serious Eats; Christine's Kitchen Chronicles ; Fun Greedy; The Sweets Life; In Katrina's Kitchen )