Why Edamame Is the Ultimate Road Snack

Why Edamame Is the Ultimate Road Snack

Hali Bey Ramdene
Jul 12, 2016

For reasons beyond sanity, I've driven from Iowa to New York more times than I care to share. What I do want you to know is podcasts and edamame got me through those trips. Along with the full suite of Stuff You Should Know, On Being, and Inquiring Minds, I munched on edamame all the way home. Here's why it's my recommended road snack of choice.

Crunching and Munching for Flat Roads and Idle Minds

The stretch of flatness, not to mention the time that extends on such a drive, feels perilous on account of the boredom that settles in. Podcasts help mitigate that, but so do edamame still in their pods.

Podcasts, edamame pods. This is a thing.

Before I head out on the road, I sauté a huge batch in a fiery concoction of garlic, rice wine vinegar, and Sambal. They get stashed in a cooler and methodically plucked from their container as the miles rack up. Perhaps it's the need to wrestle each little bean from the pod that keeps me focused on the road, or maybe it's the loud flavors that refuse to go unnoticed even after hours of eating them, but edamame are the best snack to eat as the miles add up.

Even if I go through a whole pack of them on this many-hour drive, the fatigue that a sugary or carb-tastic treat causes never rears its head. So whenever I hit the road, edamame gets shotgun again.

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