Why Does My No-Knead Bread Turn Out Flat?

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Q: I've become completely smitten with no-knead bread recently because it's so hassle-free to make, but I'm having trouble creating round boules. Even with variations to the recipe, all my loaves seem to flatten in the oven and I'm left with a 3-inch thick disk of bread instead of a lofty boule!

Any tips on how to create lovely round no-knead loaves instead of these flat creations?

Sent by Shani

Editor: Shani, it sounds that your yeast may be too old and expired, or perhaps you're not letting the dough rest adequately after shaping and before baking. Take a look at our no-knead bread step-by-step (with pictures!) and compare your process; you may find a way to tweak it.

How To Make No-Knead Bread

Readers, have you had this problem? Do you have any suggestions for Shani?


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(Images: Faith Durand)

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