Why Are French Linen Towels So Expensive?

Why Are French Linen Towels So Expensive?

Faith Durand
Jul 18, 2012

Q: I discovered these French kitchen towels called torchons that sell on Etsy for $20.00+ for one towel. The ones made out of "metis linen" seem to be more expensive. I found a set of six towels for $111.00. I would like to know what is so special about these towels. Why are they so pricey?

Sent by Heidi

Editor: Heidi, in regards to French linens like these, "metis" usually means a blend of cotton and linen. But I have seen it at times just referring to the general style of these vintage, rustic-style linens, so it doesn't seem to have a terribly consistent usage. Regardless, these linens are indeed quite expensive. This is partly due to their construction: real linen is very, very durable and only gets softer as it is washed. (Old, vintage linen bedsheets are simply heavenly to sleep in.) Also, I imageine you are paying for the antique and French provenance of these towels.

Readers, any insight? Do you keep linen towels like these in your kitchen?

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(Image: Heidi via The Kitchn's submission form)

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