Whoopie Pie Pan from Williams-Sonoma

I had to giggle when I saw this new pan from Williams-Sonoma. Its utter specificity of purpose was just a little funny. But after I had my giggle, I found myself craving a whoopie pie, and then I started wondering if this little pan might actually have some true functionality in the baker's kitchen after all.

I could actually see using this for making thick cookies and individually-sized cakes for more elegant presentation, and even for individually-sized meatloaf portions. It could also be great for oven-baked pancakes, baked eggs, and mini-frittatas. The shallow wells are possibly more conducive to many individually-sized goodies than the sloped sides of the wells in deeper muffin tins.

And then of course there would be whoopie pies.

Do you own a whoopie pie pan? (And if you are, are you willing to 'fess up to it?)

• Find it: Whoopie Pie Pan, $24.95 at Williams-Sonoma

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(Images: Williams-Sonoma)

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