Danielle in Santa Cruz, California: We normally eat at the dinner table, but during March Madness I allow my 'boys' to eat hot wings and watch the games in the living room on our vintage TV trays.

It's Dinner Week at The Kitchn, and we're sharing photos of where our readers cook and eat their own dinners. Here are some more photos that have come in — all great looks at where our readers cook and eat — take a look and share your own! We'd love to see where you eat dinner, and how you cook it.

Our theme this week sent us back to this interesting and beautiful set of photos of real people in New York eating dinner. It made us curious about our readers — where do you cook and eat dinner? A tiny hot plate in a little apartment? A big dining table in a mid-century ranch? Do you put placemats on the table? We'd love to see where you cook and eat dinner! Want to send us a photo?

We're going to publish as many reader photos as we can. Send us one (or more) photos of your cooking and eating space — anything that relates to your dinnertime!

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Send us a photo of your dinnertime!

(Image: Miho Aikawa)