Where Can I Buy Just Parmesan Rinds?

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Q: I'm interested in using Parmesan rinds as a flavoring in soups, but I don't go through much Parmesan on my own.

Do you know of any place where I can buy just the rinds?

Sent by Kimberly

Editor: Kimberly, I would start off by checking at your local cheese counter or grocery store — anywhere they carve up big wheels of Parmesan to sell in smaller pieces. They may sell you the rinds at a reduced rate. You can also check Italian restaurants, although restaurants often save rinds for stock themselves. One final idea is to particularly pick out blocks of Parmesan that have a good chunk of rind attached. Parmesan will keep for quite a long time, properly stored, so you can cut off the cheese and use the rind.

Readers, any ideas?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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