(Image credit: Faith Durand)

We all have forehead-smacking moments — you know, moments when you come across a smart and (probably) obvious idea that leaves you wondering how you'd never thought of it before! Maybe it's the realization that you don't have to store your measuring spoons all together, or you can hang pot lids on a magnetic knife rack. We know there are quite a few brilliant kitchen organizing and setup tips squirreled away in the minds and experiences of you, our readers. Here's your chance to show off!

(Image credit: Carol/TableFare)

We want to hear about the smart, simple solutions or tips you've implemented in your own kitchen. Maybe you, like Regina, recently discovered the end tops on wrap dispensers, or that you can label freezer containers with a dry erase crayon. Perhaps you, like me, recently discovered that the top of a Morton Salt box makes the perfect pour spout for a mason jar.

Note: these are not cooking tips (we'll have a separate post devoted to those!) but rather organizing, setup, and general life-in-the-kitchen tips.

So, tell us: what smart idea, tip, or organizing solution makes your friends say "I HAVE to try that?"