What's Your Favorite Kind of Soup Bowl?

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Downton Abbey is back in the UK and will hit the US shores in early 2014, so it's a good time to consider the importance of the proper soup bowl. What is that, you say? You didn't know that there are seven different kinds of soup bowls, each one appropriate to a particular soup or occasion? Of course, this kind of fussiness is a very formal approach to eating soup. Most people these days have one kind of bowl for all their soup needs.

The seven kinds of soup bowls are:

  1. Soup plate (the only bowl used in formal service)
  2. Coupe soup bowl (only used in informal service)
  3. Soup-cereal bowl (also only for informal dining)
  4. Covered soup bowl
  5. Lug soup bowl (one-handled, heavy duty for soups like French onion)
  6. Cream soup bowl
  7. Bouillon cup.

How many types of soup bowls do you keep on hand? Do you pay attention to pairing the proper soup/bowl/occasion?

Our sources on the proper soup bowl etiquette comes from Etiquette Scholar and Paula Deen.

(Image from WoolTrousers on Etsy)

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