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Two-Bite Nutella Chocolate Cookies

Last week I gave you my cookie manifesto (along with my favorite oatmeal cookie with fudge on top). Cookie time is now — school lunchboxes and bake sales bring out everyone's best cookie recipes. What's yours? Do you have a cookie recipe you save for this time of year? We want to hear all about it.

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I have this one cookie recipe that I save for fall. It's the perfect cookie to accompany a mug of tea, and it's different enough to be a big hit among more ordinary fare. The cookie is a little pinwheel of buttery dough and a figgy filling, flavored delicately with anise. They're totally fall — they belong to this time of year.

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But I also love all the other hearty cookies that go along with back-to-school time, even the too-greasy and browned chocolate chip cookies my high school cafeteria served in hot stacks of three.

What about you? What's your very, very, very favorite cookie? Care to share the recipe with us?

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