What's Your "Clean the Kitchen and Dance Like a Fool" Song?

Reader Intelligence Request

It's Day 2 of The Kitchn Cure, which means it's time to tackle the fridge. As you go through your questionable leftovers and weed out the expired condiments, it's essential to rock some tunes that make things a little more enjoyable. Maybe even a little fun. What songs do you have up your sleeve that will have everyone dancing like a fool while cleaning and organizing the kitchen?

Right now I'm listening to a compilation of old Hot Chip songs and the new Future Islands album on repeat. I really enjoy belting out the songs (the lyrics which I only kinda know) while I clean. I'm sure my Brooklyn neighbors really enjoy my talent.

Add your "clean the kitchen and dance like a fool" songs below in the comments and I'll round them up later this week!

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(Image credits: via Best Home Chef; bedaamoeba (TUMBLR); Giphy)