What's The Most Creative Baked Good You've Ever Made?

What? Wait! This is The Kitchn, right? Not Apartment Therapy? Isn't that where the furniture belongs? Not when it's made out of cake it's not!

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Yes, a sofa made out of cake!

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In my own personal kitchen, my dessert decorating hasn't been too extreme lately. I don't have children, so I don't have much need to bake big crazy cakes. But suddenly the idea of making modern furniture out of pastry is oddly appealing. The idea of having a dinner party where all your furniture is edible seems plausible, for the first time. OK, OK, not really, but if I had a million dollars to hire someone else to do it, a large warehouse space to show it all off in, and a plethora of friends to show it off to — I'd totally do it. You'd all be invited; don't worry.

Have you ever made a giant couch out of cake? Or something more modest yet still ambitious? What's the craziest baked good you've ever made in your own kitchen? For me, recently, it was an octopus cake. Do you enjoy making such things or would you rather hire someone to do such fancy pastry work? Share your thoughts below!

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(Image: Andrew Russeth/Artinfo)

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