What's the Difference Between Gazpacho & Tomato Bisque?

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Q: I've always wanted to know what the difference is between a gazpacho and a regular tomato soup or bisque.

Is it just the same thing but served cold?

Sent by Heather

Editor: Heather, our impression of gazpacho is that it involves a lot more fresh vegetables than a simple tomato bisque. It is also often made with bread and water added, while tomato bisque has a shorter list of ingredients, usually calls for chicken or vegetable broth, and is finished off with cream.

Here's a great recipe for gazpacho from guest blogger Monika:

Chilled Gazpacho Andaluz in the Style of Pedro Almodóvar

Readers, any other thoughts on the differences between gazpacho and other sorts of tomato soup?

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(Image: Monika Kotus of Crumpets and Cakes)

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