What's the Best Packaging for Homemade Granola Bars?

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Q: I recently tried to make pastel — a delicious but gooey mess. Parchment paper and wax paper both stuck too much and tore to pieces. I would love to make my own granola bars or fruit and nut bars, but would like to use honey instead of refined sugars to keep things more natural — a.k.a. keep it more sticky. The question for the home cooks: how do you package and store homemade granola bars?

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Editor: Elle, I've found that even sticky homemade bars are fine once they have cooled down completely; they should be able to be wrapped after that. And I do use plastic wrap for them, too — I think you are right that parchment is going to stick too much. You can also put them in small covered containers and bypass wrapping them at all.

Readers, any tips or hints on packaging sticky homemade baked goods?


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