(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Savory Sriracha French toast, gorgeous nesting bowls, and pom pom fruit are just a few of the things we're excited about this week!

  1. Petite Minimalist Stoneware Bowl Set from Dar Gitane: We all adore this nested bowl set. Simple, classic, and so pretty.
  2. Bananas: Anjali's favorite snack these days is sliced bananas with Greek yogurt.
  3. Jack Link's Small Batch Peppered Beef Jerky: This yummy jerky pulls at Ariel's Midwestern heart strings.
  4. Crispy Salt and Pepper French Toast from I Am a Food Blog: Savory French toast? With Sriracha? Sign us up!
  5. Pom Pom Fruit from Mr. P Blog: Clever and adorable play fruit for kids, with DIY instructions.
  6. Deschutes Fresh-Squeezed IPA: Emma's favorite new IPA, hands down. Nicely balanced, deliciously juicy.
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