(Image credit: The Kitchn)

A new magazine for hard cider fans, a barrel-aged cocktail kit, and delicious lemon and marionberry ice cream are just a few of the things making us happy this week!

  1. Juiceology's Juices: The perfect drink/snack combo when running errands on a hot summer afternoon.
  2. McConnell's Eureka Lemon and Marionberries Ice Cream: Creamy, tart, and tangy, with a beautiful swirl of jam.
  3. Distinct Patterned Glasses: These multi-patterned glasses make such a beautiful set.
  4. Cider Craft Magazine: A brand new magazine for hard cider aficionados.
  5. Barrel-Aged Cocktail Kit: This small kit is great for those who want to test out small batches of barrel-aged cocktails before investing in bigger barrels.
  6. Flasking's Flasks: Who wouldn't want to steal a nip from one of these flasks?!
  7. Grub Lunch Bag: Durable, roomy, and it says "grub" on it. What's not to love?
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