(Image credit: The Kitchn)

The start of ramp season, chalkboard planters, and our new favorite cracker stand-in are just a few of the things we're loving this week!

  1. "Linen and Sky" Febreze: Emma wants her house to smell like this always.
  2. Clif Bar: Kit's Organic Cherry + Pumpkin Seed Bar: Great flavor/texture combination!
  3. Popped Wheat Thins Sea Salt: Faith's new favorite cracker stand-in to serve with dips and hummus. Crunchy and toasty, and not too many calories either!
  4. Bela Sardines Lightly Smoked in Oil: Cambria loves these smushed on toast with a little bit of mustard. A quick high-protein lunch.
  5. Ramps! We adore these wild onions. Have you seen them yet in your grocery store or market?
  6. Chalkboard Planters from West Elm: Love the array of colors and the chalkboard finish — lovely details for a small herb garden.
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