What's In Your Kitchen Junk Drawer?

Do you have a kitchen "junk" drawer? You know, one where the little odds and ends of your household end up? I do, but I feel that "junk" is something of a misnomer for this catch-all drawer. Here are a few things that I feel helpful to have around in my "junk" drawer.

First of all, my junk drawer does need a good cleaning! It has all these receipts I need to save, but they definitely shouldn't be in there!

Other than those receipts, though, this is a valuable drawer with a few things in it that don't fit elsewhere. Here are the things I like to keep around in this catch-all drawer:

Lighter - For candles on the dinner table and in the kitchen. (And for the gas stove, occasionally!)
Pens - For making lists and marking up recipes I test.
Rubber bands - Saved from produce bunches and used to close up open bags.
Cut flower food - I always seem to have extra packets of flower food, which I save to use in fresh replacement water for older bunches of flowers.
Scissors - Where would a kitchen be without scissors? I use these constantly.

What do you have in your "junk" drawer, and does it need a good clearing-out? How can you make it more useful for your kitchen?

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(Image: Faith Durand)

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