What's Cooking This Weekend...

What's Cooking This Weekend...

Faith Durand
Apr 18, 2008

So much cooking in The Kitchn this weekend. Will you join us in one of these highly domestic activities?

• Cleaning, reorganizing, and bread baking for this week's installment of the Kitchn Cure. Oh, and roasting a chicken and veggies too, in case you're still working on that part.
• Contemplating ingredients for summer cocktails.
• Experimenting with sourdough baking.
• Browsing Passover recipes and reflecting on the meaning of this ancient holiday.
• Making polenta with spicy sausage and bitter greens.

More below...

• Messing around with heaps of fresh produce, at last!

Stocking up on canvas totes before we go back to Whole Foods.

• Hunting out Greek wines.

• Looking for the first farmers markets.

• Baking something with those lovely blueberries up top. Maybe another pie?

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