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It's the first day of summer! This makes us think of tomatoes, strawberries, watermelon and corn. The tomatoes in your backyard may not be so big as these quite yet; ours are the size of blueberries, just beginning to swell among the leaves of our patio bush.

Other than watching tomatoes grow, here are a few things we enjoyed from the last week here at The Kitchn:

• Turns out that quite a few of you went and bought this pan after we wondered why it was so popular. Guess there's a good reason for it!

• Weekend drinking: There's quite a lot to choose from. Frozen strawberry margaritas, updated sangria, and Vesper Lillet martinis. Hmmm - dilemma.

Blueberries, stone fruit, and yes, tomatoes are out in the California markets.

• We met Martha and Emeril! See what we asked them, plus photos of what we ate and drank.

• Sweet things this week! Strawberry yogurt popsicles. Coconut jam and banana bars. Honey Lavender Panna Cotta.

• We also identified a sweet mystery fruit.

• Any more recommendations for good everyday dishes?

• Here are some alternatives to the much-lamented Tastespotting.

• Try making a breakfast sandwich this weekend.

• And our pick for supper, soon: Chilled Pea Soup with Radish and Mango Relish.

Have a happy weekend everyone! Stop back in for some weekend reading on Saturday and Sunday.

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