What's Cooking This Weekend...

What's Cooking This Weekend...

Faith Durand
Jun 13, 2008

We are following in the footsteps of readers Orchid64 and Aldyth, who are both using the slow cooker to make a weekend meal. The slow cooker is such a great tool year-round; in the heat it's ideal because it doesn't make your kitchen any hotter. We're cooking up a fresh springtime stew with plenty of snow peas and bright vegetables. More ideas for cool springtime cooking below...

• Stay cool! Make popsicles and the right ice for your drinks.

• See some friends and have some good conversation food.

Coconut jam! We already have a plot for this baking in the oven...

• Have you told us about your worst kitchen injury yet?

• Don't forget - garlic scapes are in season - get them while they last.

Have you tried whole wheat pasta lately?

• Here are some refreshing cocktails to go along with that ice.

• And if your kitchen's cool enough, make a pie!

Edible flowers - so lovely and delicious.

• And finally, what are you doing for Father's Day this weekend?

Those are just a few good weekend cooking ideas - what are you eating (and drinking) this weekend?

(Image: Faith Hopler)

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