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What's cooking this weekend? Have you been inspired by all the cold and frosty drinks this week? Are you planning on shaking up a cold one this weekend? Tell us what you're eating (and drinking!) this weekend, and take a look back at a few posts you may have missed.
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How about a wine slushie, a rosemary gin and tonic, or a refreshing Scotland Yard to kick off the weekend?

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Chewy chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal and other yummy things.

Non-alcoholic drinks for showers of all sorts.

A bunch of boozy desserts.

• Your fellow readers' favorite rum, gin, vodka and whiskey.

Five classic Campari cocktails.

Drunken goat cheese to go with all the cocktails.

• An unexpected cocktail mixer.

Rose mint soda and cookies with rose petals — a great pair!

A cool dinner idea for hot summer nights.

• A review of a soda maker.

Cocktail suggestions from Ina Garten.

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