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What's cooking? More to the point, what are you planning on eating this weekend? We hope you're staying in for at least one meal. We currently have a butternut squash in the oven, and we're plotting towards pasta, basil, Parmesan, and a creamy squash sauce. We also really want to recreate the smoked tomato salad dressing we had at a restaurant last week.

Read on for a few more ideas (and recipes) for good things to cook this weekend.

Try these!

Chickpea stew with vegetables and curry spices - made easily in the slow cooker.

Sweet, scarlet syrup for your cocktails - made from pomegranates.

Dark molasses and ginger cake - with chunks of ripe pear.

Brisket, onions, lemon chicken, and apricot oatmeal - more ideas for your slow cooker.

Chopped cabbage salad with handfuls of herbs - plus peanuts, tofu, and rice noodles.

Wilted arugula with tomatoes and orzo - a quick dinner!

Pears and blue cheese - now in dessert.

Cheap good wine for your weekend meals.

• Have a little extra time? Cook ahead and freeze some of these easy meals.

Prune plums and pastry - an open pie.

Have a good weekend - see you Monday!