What's Cooking This Weekend?

Weekend of May 15-16, 2009

What's cooking this weekend, folks? Some of us here are feeling a little under the weather, so a big bowl of Chinese chicken soup like the one pictured above sounds just lovely. Are you cooking soup for the still-cool spring weather, or are you busting out the grill? Are you cooking new peas, or visiting the farmers' market? Tell us, and take a peek at a few good posts you may have missed from the past week.

• The big news this week, of course (besides Maxwell's new Apartment Therapy book - yay!) is this month's Small Cool Kitchens contest. It's in full swing now, and there are lots of tiny kitchens for you to peruse and be inspired by. Stay tuned — lots more coming next week.

• Did you see all the weekend snacks we published last month from a few guest bloggers? From chaat to deviled eggs they were all delicious.

• What's lurking in the depths of your freezer?

• Do you ever add oatmeal to smoothies?

Edible blossoms from the Hollywood farmers' market — can you guess what these are?

Bubblegum-flavored vodka and green tea mojitos!

• Great make-ahead meals for spring. Stock the fridge!

• A really lovely recipe for Chicken Marsala.

• A brilliant use of a fold-down shelf in the kitchen.

• Have pine nuts ever messed up your mouth?

Best shoes for cooks.

Have a happy weekend!

(Image: Flickr member Mr Michael Phams licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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