What's Cooking This Weekend?

Weekend of March 13-14, 2010

Happy weekend! What's cooking? Are you making a pie for Pi Day? Are you enjoying fresh spring weather, and looking forward to spring foods? Tell us what you're cooking this weekend, and take a look at some of the recipes and other good things we posted this week. From chard risotto to vegan cupcakes to pasta casserole, we bet you'll find something good in here.

The lovely, lovely photo above is from the Etsy seller mailelani, and is available in her shop.

monday afternoon. (8 x 10 or 8 x 12 inch photograph), $25

Here's a look back at a few good posts from the past week.

• You're halfway through the Kitchen Cure! This week's assignment: Deep-clean, and choose a special project.

The Great Mayo Debate, and a recipe for egg-less mayonnaise.

• Some things to cook this weekend: Hainanese chicken with rice, free-form pasta casserole (or "trasherole" as one commenter put it!), vegan chocolate ginger orange cupcakes, cheddar waffles, and red pepper sausage and chard risotto.

French napkins and Spanish salt.

• Having a dinner party? Try a buffet bar!

• How to shape a baguette loaf, make preserved lemons, bake amazing cheesecake, creme anglaise sauce, and gratin Dauphinois.

• Tips for finding a high-quality, affordable chef's knife.

Healthy snacks that ship well.

• Two very different kitchens: One at 10,000 feet on the top of a mountain and another with a lively family and dinner party.

• A wine dinner tribute to Rose Gray.

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy cooking!

(Image: mailelani)

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