(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Have you noticed how many "occasions" are occuring this weekend? Tonight the Olympics kick off, and then Sunday is Valentine's Day AND Lunar New Year! Monday is President's Day (it's a blog holiday for us), and then next Tuesday is Mardi Gras. Whew — we almost don't know where to look or what to celebrate first! What are you celebrating this weekend, and what are you cooking? Here's a look back at a few recipes and projects that should match up whichever holiday you want to observe this long weekend.

Winter Olympics kickoff! Olympic rings-shaped Nanaimo bars, and a brainstorm on international dishes.

Lunar New Year: Scallion pancakes, and dumplings.

Valentine's Day: Nutty chocolate tart, a bouquet of cocktails, breakfast mocha café, goodie bags and brownies, great steak, and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Mardi Gras: King cake and pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

• And for Presidents' Day? How about apple pie with Thomas Jefferson's ice cream?

Have a happy weekend, and a happy Valentine's-Chinese-New-Year-President's-Mardi-Gras!

(Image: Violet Marsh Photography from Catherine & Christofer's 1930's Budget Colonial )