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It's the last weekend of the month, and we have big plans for our kitchen. We have spicy curry in the oven right now, and we just made a pan of these raspberry meringue bars. We have a dinner party tonight, and a potluck on Sunday. What about you? What are you cooking, and who are you cooking for this weekend?

Here's a look back at a few good recipes and other posts from the past week. Next week we're diving into How To Month — it'll be all about the home hacks and tutorials for the kitchen!

• Yummy, comforting food: Brie-style mac and cheese with mushrooms - so creamy! Chicken noodle soup with curry, griddle scones with honey, and feel-better soups. Oh, and homestyle beef stew too!

• What to do with pulp left over from juicing.

• What is your favorite Julia Child recipe?

• A beautiful (and controversial) kitchen.

• How to tell when bread is done baking.

• Yummy sweets: Kitchen sink Super Bowl bars, and a simple vegan cake.

• Isabella's adapted city kitchen.

Sweet potato fries!!

Light and easy snacks for eating on the go.

What are you cooking this weekend?

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