What's Cooking This Weekend?

What's Cooking This Weekend?

Faith Durand
Sep 12, 2008

What's happening in your kitchen this weekend? We're baking wedding cakes, making a frittata, having parents over for cocktails, and eating and drinking good things. Here are ten ideas from The Kitchn for cooking, eating, and drinking this weekend.

Make cheese

Bake and frost a cake

Clean your oven

Snap string beans

Eat a pluot

Have a cup of tea (and enter our giveaway)

Start recycling

Try an end-of-summer cocktail

Reorganize your spices

Cook some fall food

This is just a start - add to this list and inspire us! Have a great weekend!

(Image: Flickr member mclgreenville / memorymotel licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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