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Happy Memorial Day weekend! Are you gardening? (This is the traditional time to put in tomatoes in the northern part of the US.) Are you having a picnic? Most importantly, what's cooking this weekend? Here's a look back at The Kitchn's past week, with plenty of links to good eating, drinking, and summer cooking.

• It's the final week of the Kitchen Cure! Are you planning a party, or at least a casual dinner party or open house with friends? Just remember: the pleasure of food (and good company) is what it's all about. Even when the guests show up too early.

• Great recipes from the past week: roasted turkey breast with a delicious sauce, chipotle chicken fajitas, dairy-free smoothie, crispy, creamy French cannelé, truffled asparagus with eggs and Parmesan, vegan tamales, grilled fava beans, the list goes on and on...

• How to keep your pots scratch-free.

• Looking for a no potato salad picnic?

• What is your absolutely essential kitchen equipment?

• These kitchen gadgets look like toys.

• Do you eat your mistakes? What's in your snack drawer?

Lazy margaritas and fabulously easy patio drinks. Oh, and a few good boxed wines, too.

• The debate over food miles continues.

• Is this device a medieval torture implement or a kitchen gadget from Bed, Bath, and Beyond?

• You should eat more iceberg lettuce.

• Have you ever eaten a whole plate of Korean short ribs, grilled to perfection?

• One last recipe for a summer brunch: strawberry sour cream scones with a crumbly, sugary sweet topping. Perfect.

Happy weekend! Come back Sunday for Dana's Weekend Meditation and we'll see you Tuesday when we resume regular posting.

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