What's Cooking This Weekend?

Weekend of August , 2008

What's cooking this weekend? We're taking a break from ice cream (although we'll have the results of a very interesting experiment to show you Monday) and focusing on lazy breakfasts and a good dinner with friends. What are you planning on eating this weekend? Here are a few posts from this week that may inspire...

Eat some of this!
Braised pork shank - worth turning on the oven for.

A perfect tomato sandwich - no cooking required.

Something hot and spicy with a crisp glass of cold wine.

Candied mint leaves - good for nibbling and not just garnishing.

Root beer milk!

Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream - Check out all the contest entries. We're overwhelmed by all the great recipes!

Shell beans - So good fresh. If you've only eaten dried beans, now's the time to try the good stuff.

Tomato jam - Yum!

Baked summer squash - Easy and healthy.

Have a great weekend, and see you Monday...

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