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Happy weekend! It's Easter, Passover, and spring all at once. What are you cooking? Surely you're cooking something splendid this weekend! We have plans for spring asparagus, fresh boiled eggs, a leg of tender, succulent lamb rubbed with cracked spices, and a tangy lemon cake. What about you? What are you cooking? Here are a few ideas from The Kitchn to get you thinking.

• What's mascarpone, anyway?

• A tour of a poet's beautiful vintage kitchen.

• What's your comfort food?

• Passover ideas: quinoa, cinnamon lamb stew, snap peas with mint, homemade matzo, and other food traditions.

• A hot kitchen with a dog.

• The easiest herbs to grow indoors.

• Brunch idea! Monkey bread with dill butter and sea salt. Yum.

• Easter ideas: a butter lamb, an egg in an artichoke, herbed lamb roast, chocolate-covered Peepsicles, and rice Krispie eggs, individual Easter egg cakes, or all about ham.

• Good things to do with onions and with naked lemons.

Chicken in coconut milk with lemongrass.

• Five small but smart kitchens.

• Two brunches: one elegant but frugal, and one neurotic.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for all of your interesting, helpful, and wonderful comments this week. Have a great weekend!

Image: Czech houska bread for Easter a couple years ago. Recipe is here:

Recipe: Houska (Czech Easter Bread)

(Image: Faith Durand)