What's Cooking This Weekend?

Weekend of December 20-21

We've hosted our first holiday dinner party, and we're looking forward to a week of being at home with loved ones and family. Food figures prominently, of course -- we want to stay nourished and warm as we celebrate the holidays. What are you planning on cooking this weekend? Last minute treats? Traditional family recipes? Bread and soup?

Here are a few good ideas from The Kitchn to inspire you this weekend, and don't forget to visit over the next few days. We'll have a full roundup of our entire Un-Gift Guide 2008, and it's not too late to make many of these good things!

• Who are you giving to this holiday season?

• What


• Cookies: the state of the American cookie, and a great-looking recipe for chai cookies. Oh, and savory cookies too.

• Do you own a marble slab for pastry and candy-making?

• Host a dinner party (or two) this week! We have tips and more tips.

Sweet peanuts and salty caramels.

• We are recent converts to braised short ribs. The best word to describe these is "unctuous."

• What is cream of tartar anyway? We explain.

Oreo truffles, baby.

• Yummy breakfasts for Christmas morning.

Have a wonderful weekend. Come back tomorrow for a more complete roundup of all the holiday candy recipes we love here at The Kitchn as well as a full rundown of our entire Un-Gift Guide 2008, and we'll see you on Monday as we start on our year-end roundup of the best of The Kitchn 2008.

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