What's Cooking This Weekend?

Weekend of August 20-21, 2011

What's hanging out in your kitchen, waiting for its turn in a salad, or in the frying pan? Bright yellow squash? Rich red tomatoes? I'm eyeing an overgrown zucchini and thinking zucchini fritters, or maybe some walnut-studded bread. What about you? What's cooking in your kitchen this weekend? Read on for a few good posts from the past week that you may have missed, too...

• Too much jam — freezer jam, maybe? Here's a yummy treat that will use it well.

• How to identify real San Marzano tomatoes and avoid contaminated honey.

• Mmmm... homemade gum drops!

Put the kitchen in the basement and stay cool.

Fresh recipes for homemade soda pop.

• Why canned salmon is a better choice than canned tuna.

Chickpeas take center stage on the table.

Tips for slicing lemon bars all pretty and nice.

Good idea: use a colander to serve ice.

Happy weekend, and happy cooking.

(Image: Emily Ho)

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