What's Cooking This Weekend?

What's Cooking This Weekend?

Faith Durand
Aug 8, 2008
It's the weekend! What are you cooking this weekend? We have our eye on a couple different ice creams, what with it being ice cream month, and we're definitely enjoying the last full month of summer. Here are our picks for some of the best eating, drinking, and eating on the blog this week. Take a look then tell us - what are you cooking?

Here are our picks for some of the best this week.

This Week's GiveawayAn adorable customizable ice cream pail from Food Flower Style. Have you entered our giveaway yet? To EatIce cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, DIY Magic Shell, homemade ice cream cones... Here's almost all of the ice cream posts we've ever had at The Kitchn. Get inspired for our contest!

Chinese food! The Olympics have kicked off - is it time for stir-fry?

Buttermilk Rosemary Ice Cream - Delicious!

Easy kale salad with Pecorino Romano

The Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest: 2008 Edition - Are you testing (and eating) ice cream this weekend?

To DrinkIce cream and root beer floats

Cool and spicy Indian-inspired cocktails

Beer in the park

Sweet wine to pair with ice cream

Frosty cold Summer Ale from Brooklyn Brewery

To ReadHow to write a well-formed and useful recipe, just like the pros.

What do you do with inedible dishes? Correcting experiments gone wrong...

What's the strangest ice cream you've ever eaten?

IKEA has a new line of cabinets... and they're rather gorgeous.

What is buttermilk anyway?

Have a wonderful weekend! See you Monday. (But don't forget to check back for our weekend columns - maybe an extra little ice cream coverage?)

(Image: Faith Hopler)

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