What Your Fridge Decor Reveals About Who You Really Are

What Your Fridge Decor Reveals About Who You Really Are

Brittany Burke
Jan 16, 2017
What does this refrigerator reveal about its owner? Read on to find out!
(Image credit: Melanie Rieders )

Everyone knows the fridge is the only appliance you can use to really show off your personality. (It's not like you're going to decorate your oven.) From wacky magnets to sentimental photos to important sticky notes, you can actually wear your heart on your refrigerator door.

So what does yours say about you? Find out below.

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If your fridge front is blank …

The first thing you do in the morning after a shower is make your bed, and you're never late for anything. Some might call you a control freak, but you prefer the phrase "reluctant delegator." Your kitchen is always spotless, and you know that there's a right way to load the dishwasher. You drink your coffee black and meal prep on Sundays, so that you can still eat something nutritious when you get home at 8:30 p.m. after a long Wednesday at the office. Your favorite show is Fixer Upper;it's so satisfying to see that vision come to life!

If your fridge is covered with inspirational magnets …

You start every day with your favorite mindful meditation, and end it by writing in your gratefulness journal. Your most-liked Instagrams are ones with motivational quotes, and you're the friend people call when they're having a bad day because you've been told you're the best listener. Your dream is to be able to spend a summer traveling the world, and maybe even quit your life and write a book about it. After all, you know experiences are what life is all about.

If it's covered in crayon artwork …

The background on your phone screen is the cutest picture of your kid (or niece or nephew). And who could blame you? Has anyone ever seen a cuter toddler? Your biggest time-suck is Pinterest — from all the adorable crafts to the homemade bread recipes, there's no end to all the inspiration you can find there. In your spare time, you make wedding and shower cakes for your friends, and you've been thinking of setting up an Etsy shop to sell, well, anything you feel like making. You've always felt happiest when you're being creative, and you're a major night owl. Staying up well past midnight is the best way to get things done in a quiet, calm house.

If it's a highlight reel of all your favorite moments ...

Your friends call you the paparazzi, because you're always the first to pull out your camera and remember to take a photo whether you're out to dinner or at a wedding. You always cry at the end of romantic movies, and your most productive Spotify playlist is filled with your favorite songs from high school. You always prefer taking a long run over any fancy exercise class. You spend more money than you should on letterpress stationery, and never show up to a party empty-handed because it's the little things, you know?

If it has a handful of magazine clippings (from five years ago) …

Your favorite refrain: "I wish there was another hour in the day." You've been trying to finish reading your latest book for the last six months, clean out the pantry since July, and sort the mail piling up on the entryway table. Your biggest fantasy is sneaking away to an Airbnb and holing up with nothing but a Malcolm Gladwell book that you could read cover to cover, but you're more likely to trudge to that 7 a.m. spin class (late) with your overflowing gym bag, and plan for a boozy brunch with your best friend.

If it's got nothing but an old-fashioned calendar …

The best word to describe you? Classic. From a wardrobe of pared-down basics to your favorite recipes, you're not interested in trends like flare jeans and turmeric. You thrive on color-coded Excel spreadsheets at work, but still keep a paper planner in your purse (which your friends mock you for). You've always been a leader and usually host the holidays. You keep lists for your lists and — surprise, surprise — your mind is like a sieve.

If it's littered with sticky notes …

You've got a schedule that does not quit, and you wouldn't have it any other way. From your 5 a.m. wakeup call through work meetings and playdates, every minute is scheduled in your iCal. When you do get some time to relax, your favorite thing to do is unwind on the couch with a glass of red wine, but you inevitably end up being lured into answering emails while you're trying to decompress. Your voicemail box is always full, and it takes you at least a few days to call (fine, text) anyone back. You've all but given up the idea of a zero inbox, but that's okay with you — as long as you keep all your balls in the air, you'll count that as a success.

If it's wallpapered with contact paper or a decal ...

You are quite the artsy one. You should have your own HGTV show because you are the queen of taking a piece of furniture off the street and totally revitalizing it into something cool. Your bookshelves are perfectly styled, and friends are always asking you for design advice. And all of this is just something you do on the side to get your creative juices flowing after working in an office all day. You can see the beauty of everything. Even that 30-year-old fridge that came with your apartment. Just look at it now!

If it's a digital screen …

Are you an alien? Because you seem to live in the future. You're an early adopter of technology and always have the latest gadget. Your Facebook feed is peppered with drone photos, and your phone lights up with texts from friends asking you how to fix their WiFi, or work their Snapchat Spectacles. When there's a list for the first people who want to buy land on Mars, you'll be the first in line. When you're not using your fridge door as a TV, you can be found making beer or wine in your basement, or binge-watching Mr. Robot and Westworld.

What's your fridge personality? Did we get it right?

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