It's Reader Request Week at The Kitchn, and we're covering as many of your requests as possible (see all of them here)!

But we're not the only ones with answers — you have a lot to share too, and today I would love your help with one reader's question: What was your game-changer cooking discovery? You know, the one that changed the way you cook, or that you just had to tell everyone about? Read on for a reader's example of a game-changer, and for mine, and share your own!

Here's Mary Frances Ellison's original question:

What has been your "game-changer" of a cooking discovery that you end up telling everybody about (because it's an idea that's so brilliant you simply HAVE to tell friends/family/co-workers)? For me, it was the "aha" moment of roasting a spatchcocked chicken for the first time ... the fantastic combination of quicker cooking time, perfectly cooked meat and an entire chicken covered in crispy skin was a revelation and moved roast chicken from Sunday dinner to a weeknight meal!

I would love to know if there are any other cooking methods/recipes/organization techniques that fall into that "game-changer" category - ie. once you try it, you'll never go back to your old method again.

I think that my own "game-changer" was learning how to use a wok. I had always felt like the wok was unnecessary and maybe even a bit pretentious; wasn't a skillet just as good? But then I had a day of cooking lessons with Grace Young, wok-master extraordinaire, and I fell in love with my brand-new carbon steel wok. Cooking vegetables, in particular, was so fast and so delicious in the wok, that sometimes my husband and I now will just eat a heap of stir-fried vegetables over rice for dinner.

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What about you? What was your game-changer of a discovery in the kitchen?

It's Reader Request Week at The Kitchn!
This post was requested by Mary Frances Ellison.